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The Protected catalogue: Old school and contemporary

Don't just want to click through our product range online? Want something tangible? Then our Protected catalogue is just right for you!

Analogue instead of online?

Love the feeling of paper between your fingers? Do you being cozy with some old school? And you prefer browsing through our offers comfortably on your sofa, in bed, in the bathroom or on the train? Without having to go online? You're thinking that a catalogue and a record may in fact have something in common? We feel you! This is why there is a printed version in addition to our online offers. Descriptive, informative and wonderfully old school - the Protected catalogue is simply a must for us.

Different medium, same content

Of course you can rely on the fact that our catalogue contains the same exciting products that can be found on our website: From vinyl accessories to products for storage and shipping of records through to our original gift ideas - you can find anything that a true music fan's heart desires.

Order free of charge with a single click

With an order value of 79 euros and up, you do not have to pay any shipping costs within Germany. Naturally, our Protected catalogue is also free of charge for you. Simply request it with your next purchase. Then you can browse our product range where you want and far away from the digital world.

Free with purchase: Request your Protected catalogue now!

Protected catalogue

Protected catalogue

Protected product catalogue.
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